Syrian Society in Conflict: Localised Truces and Ceasefires

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Syrian Society in Conflict: Localised Truces and Ceasefires

As part of Integrity’s report series titled Syrian Society in Conflict, Integrity has released a new report, Localised Truces and Ceasefire Agreements.
The truces that emerged in the early months of 2014 in various locations across Syria cannot be said to represent the localised beginnings of a sustainable peacebuilding process. Integrity’s research demonstrates that the agreements (and the negotiations and implementation processes that delivered them) were not built on good practice, were significantly undermined by a lack of political will for peace and resulted in only minimal and temporary improvements to the humanitarian situation in these areas.
This research summary report provides a brief overview of the localised truce negotiations and agreements that have taken place in various locations of Syria since the end of 2013. It draws on material from a longer report prepared by Integrity in April 2014, involving interviews conducted with respondents based primarily in the areas around Rif Damascus, Homs and Aleppo.
Integrity is publishing this research as part of a series to share our findings in a format that provides our Syrian partners with relevant information, usable tools and methodologies. This re-enforces the mutual relationship we strive to maintain in our dealings with all our research partners and underpins our entire ethos.
This report is available in both English and Arabic.
For more information on this report and Integrity’s work in MENA please contact

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